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BOOK REVIEW "me vs high heels!"

Title of the book: Me Vs High Heels
Genre: Novel
Author: Maria Ardelia
Publisher: PT.Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Pages: 360
Dimension: 13.5 x 20 cm

This novel was composed by Maria Ardelia and she wrote the novel during the third grade of high school. This novel can be categorized as fiction novel. This novel was considered as quite successful novel so appointed to be a movie with the title and most of the same storyline.
According to the presence opinion, this novel could be claimed as an example for young writers in this country, because this novel even though written in a teen style with a very pop style but has a quite clear plot line and has enough creative ideas in the story which depicted Sasha’s figure that at the beginning of the story did not have a feminine nature can turn into very feminine girl. On the other hand, this novel also has a shortage in it. Roland's character does not have a sufficient portion and less prominent as the second male figure which important in this story. Also at the end of the story is less romantic asmosphere depicted in the story of Sasha and Roland.
The language used by Maria Ardelia in writing this novel is easy to understand because she uses simple language that has teenager characterization. The storyline did not beat around - winded so that readers who are devoted to teens can easily understand the moral message to be conveyed by the author. Actually the author wants to convey to her readers, that while love can change everything but with loving someone does not mean people should change it completely. We must love people with what they are.
The plot on the novel “Me vs. High Heels” is quiet simple. Sasha The main character is a tomboy girl who likes basketball, soccer, and activities that more dominated by male. Sasha also does not like to behave like women in general, such as dressing, caring her body (pedicure & menicure), and wearing high heels. She used to appear in simple style, speak frankly and do not want to know what people say about her, that attitude makes her parents and her best friends like Lola, Dondon and Roland little-bit ilfeel but Sasha still does not care. Her indifferent is an evident in his behavior a day - a day for example, flatus carelessly even when in public. On the other hand, as a girl, her another friends who peers already start to think beautiful appearance to attract the opposite sex.
Sasha, Roland and Lola are a good friends. They are study at the same school. One day, when Sasha was having dinner with her parents, when Sasha walks to the toilet she did not aware until accidentally she hits a man who looked like her idol, at home she still remember the figure of the man. When she told this to Dondon, Sasha knows that the boy name was Arnold who turned out to be half-brother of Dondon. Dondon also inform the type of girl who favored by Arnold. Arnold likes feminine girls, and all the things that are not actually become a Sasha’s habit. 
 Without realizing it, since that time Sasha has put her heart on Arnold. After knowing the kind of girl who Arnold liked, Sasha also told Roland. For the first time Lola did not approve the intention to change Sasha’s appearance until Lola finally supports Sasha to change his appearance, ranging from head to toe. So fall in love, Sasha willingly turn into a girl who Arnold likes. Sasha learned to be a feminine girl, like grooming, and love wearing high heels; she would not dare claim to love basketball. Slowly - Lola teach Sasha becomes a feminine girl and the most difficult part is when Sasha must learn to wear high heels then, because her efforts Sasha finally become a feminine girl.
Could Sasha get what she dreams?
Is Arnold really loves Sasha?
Why Sasha become a tomboyish girl?
Better start reading the novel Me vs. High Heels to know the end of the story and point
of questions that presence provide. Happy Reading!
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